West Gate Studios

The number 1 private campus in Romania

The years we spend as students are probably some of the best of our life. West Gate Studios is a private campus with 800 studios and apartments offering both modern accommodation and plenty of options for spending leisure time with colleagues and friends.

✦ Fixed monthly cost

✦ No set-up fee

✦ Quick access to the subway

✦ Pool

✦ Technical service 24/7

Medical clinic on campus

24/7 security

Supermarket 7/7

Multicultural community

Weekly cleaning service

Young adults can enjoy easy access to universities and the city center, the comfort of fully furnished and equipped accommodation, increased safety and student programs and activities such as sports competitions, theme parties, and workshops. The private campus is located in the West Gate Business District.

At West Gate Studios, students find a swimming pool, fitness room, event space, restaurant, library, parking, and 24-hour security, as well as laundry and medical services.

In 2015 West Gate Studios became a member of the prestigious International Houses Worldwide, sharing a similar mission to “provide students of different nationalities and cultures the opportunity to live and learn together in a community of mutual respect, understanding and international friendship”.

The campus offers young students all the facilities and services they need to develop in a healthy and modern environment, adapted to contemporary needs.