IMMUNE Building Standard™

The IMMUNE Building Standard™ is a blueprint for the healthy buildings of the future, leading to healthier people, businesses, and economies. As the world’s first standard to address the immunity of our built environment, IMMUNE™ redesigns and reengineers buildings for the post-COVID world and beyond.

Developed by Liviu Tudor together with a team of experts and inspired by technologies and procedures grounded in science, this innovative standard that better prepares people, businesses, and communities to withstand health threats has the power to transform the future.

IMMUNE Building Standard™ is a window into the buildings of tomorrow. The health and safety measures recommended by IMMUNE™ put people first and boost the immunity of built environment against present and future health challenges, minimizing the impact of pandemics such as COVID-19 and other bacteriological or toxicological threats.


  • build healthy by design facilities for a safer tomorrow
  • lead in creating buildings more resilient to health threats
  • act responsibly and reshape the future of built environment


  • leverage their unique expertise for healthier buildings
  • join the best-in-class expert community
  • innovate and constantly improve a unique global standard


  • become ambassadors of a smarter, safer future
  • take lead and assess today’s buildings for a more resilient tomorrow
  • certify the immunity of built environment against pandemics

Owners & Landlords

  • drive change that will shape the future of built environment
  • create healthier workplaces for healthier people
  • attract tenants that pursue an IMMUNE™ environment for their business


  • ensure productive healthier spaces for people 
  • minimize health risks within the organization
  • support teams to focus on what they know best: growing the business


  • regain trust in the resilience of buildings they spend most of their time
  • feel more at ease when working in an IMMUNE™ building
  • achieve better balance between office and remote working

Designed in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, this unique, global standard is inspired by advanced technologies and procedures successfully used in medical institutions and research facilities and adapted for use in commercial real estate. As an inaugural version, the present IMMUNE™ standard will remain under frequent review and constant evolution as the medical, scientific, architectural, and engineering bodies arrive at new conclusions.

The IMMUNE™ certification is based on an Assessment Scoring Index consisting of a set of 135 recommended measures, technical solutions, and facility management practices to certify the level of resilience of a building to present and future health challenges. Any building owner or tenant can consult the list of measures and implement them in their workspace – entirely or partially, as needed – and then follow the Assessment Scoring Index to independently evaluate the level of resilience of the assessed building against health threats. 

To receive an IMMUNE™ certification, an authorized assessor will evaluate the building based on the Assessment Scoring Index. Each measure earns a number of points and based on the total score the building will be awarded with one of the three IMMUNE™ labels:


equivalent of 3 stars, based on a scoring between 55% and 70% received during the assessment


equivalent of 4 stars, based on a scoring between 71% and 85% received during the assessment


equivalent of 5 stars, based on a scoring of over 85% received during the assessment

Healthy by Design® is first and foremost a mindset, a comprehensive concept for helping developers and landlords withstand present and future health challenges and minimize their impact. But Healthy by Design® is more than just an innovative concept, it is ultimately the real-estate industry’s response to a shift in our society’s culture, to a new state-of-mind that emerged organically following the harsh impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Healthy by Design System (HbDS) uses a series of specialized sensors that measure the indoor environment parameters such as air, humidity, temperature or CO2 levels. Data on the building’s performance is collected in real time, empowering the building operator to verify and adjust the condition of the building to a healthy performance level, providing occupants with the space and confidence for a healthy experience when returning to the office.

The IMMUNE Building Standard, through the Healthy by Design Building Institute (HDBI) in Brussels, is an evidence based, third-party certification rating for the built environment, focusing on providing building operators with the tools and strategy to monitor, communicate and adjust the health of the indoor physical space, with an efficient response protocol in case of viral, bacteriological, or toxicological events.